Tuesday, July 29, 2008

our first post

hello internet,

We are schmidt's confectionery. This blog will tell the stories and current goings-on of us, a small homemade chocolate shop in Woodhaven, Queens. We want this blog to be a way for candy lovers of Queens/NYC/the greater tri-state area/the world at large to learn about and come to discover the joys of eating schmidt's candy. Conversely, while we are thrilled that you are visiting this site, we hope that you also wish to visit us in the flesh, or give us a call. Schmidt's chocolate should be enjoyed, not only virtually, but also digestively. So here is our contact info.

We are located at

94-15 Jamaica Ave
Woodhaven, NY 11421

You can call us at


You can email us at


We are closed for the summer (pesky heat and humidity), BUT we will reopen in the early Fall as the weather begins to cool down, so only a few more months until the doors will be open and the phone lines ready for those who seek chocolate satisfaction. In the mean time, this blog will do its best to introduce the internet to the sweet (!) story of a remarkable little store which has been trying to get people to 'eat chocolate in queens' since 1926.